Hina Herbal Hair Oil

Main Herb Bhringraj and other pure herb like Padmakashtha. Lodhra, Gairika ,Bala , Harida , Daruharida, Nagekeshar, Priyangu, Yashtimadhu, Anantmool are crushed & prepared in pure Sesame (Til) Oil. Now a day youngsters & most of the people are suffering from graying and falling of hair. Hina Herbal Hair oil nourishes the hair roots, which stops the falling of hair. Also helps to stop graying of hairs. Hair fall activated in many disease like fever, Typhoid, after surgical procedure, delivery, etc. Falling of hairs stops by application of oil. Regular use of Hina Herbal Hair oil strengthens the hair roots, helps in blackening of hair, removes roughness of skin of scalp and dandruff, and hair becomes soft.

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Brand : Hina Herbal Oil

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