Buyu Water pump for drinking water

BPA FREE Raw Material FDA APPROVED Food Grade Material Usable on Standard 19l bottles Easy to pour water by using T-Pump than tilting or lifting drinking water bottles 240 ml glass fill in only 2 presses Apply on almost every size of standard bottles because of adjustable suction tube length Economical and inexpensive; no power cost Convenient use rather than stand and tap Designed for durable, FDA approved plastic (high quality polypropylene) Convenient working from head press High quality spring for powerful blow, no direct water contact to spring makes it life longer Suitable for out-of-door activities, parties, and picnics and other occasions also. Once fitted, it’s impenetrable and avoids dust Health hazards free and environment friendly Made according to universal standards, export quality Powerful vacuum because of special design Hex nut for additional grip Totally washable One year warranty, no damage warranty Made In PAKISTAN

Rs. 650

Brand : Buyu

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